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Desay WB. Indoor Installation. Direct-To-Wall.

I expect that a quick poll of LED manufacturers would reveal that all of them had an indoor panel that would attach to a frame that was attached to the wall. But just how many have a custom indoor panel that attaches directly to the wall? Well, I don't actually know. But I do know that Desay does!

The Desay Series WB is a budget-friendly panel that starts at just $1455 for a square meter in a 3.90 or can more than double that number if you were thinking ultra-fine pixel densities of 1.56 millimeters. That would be 409,600 pixels in a square meter!

The WB is not equipped for the great outdoors but it does get great with difficult corners. So get ready to follow your vision and your display into the next room or wherever it might lead you. Or just do a full surround on a big column to impress your audience and your clients!

The ridiculously-affordable Series WB can be seen in action here.

Get ready to get rid of all those excuses that have stopped you from turning that boring beige wall into something spectacular.

Sometimes you just don't want to leave well enough alone.

So when you start out with an award winner like the Series H and HL, improvements can be a little on the challenging side. We already use carbon fiber: check. We already tip the scales at just over next to nothing: check. We have a perfectly flat display surface: okay, that can be improved on.

The Desay Series H and HL are now offered with flexible locking mechanisms for concave and convex displays.

These are the same very adjustable locks that are already offered on the Series HB and can be seen in action here.

Given how exciting I think this is suggests that maybe I should get out more.

Here's something we haven't seen before.

Most outdoor installations are concerned with predictable rectangles of various widths and heights. Most of them require a custom cabinet design like our Series S to fill out the space in the most efficient method possible. And then there are those that need a completely different approach.

The Desay Series QF is that different approach.

Imagine being able to create a custom metal frame that matches your design in multiples of 250 * 250 millimetres. Each of those spaces is filled out with lightweight LED modules that are magnetically attached and then connected by cables to a remote power box.

Now imagine a high-resolution 3.90 millimeter image in outdoor brightness.

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