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The Art Of Control · NovaStar

The simple yet sophisticated solution to every element of controlling your LED display.
NovaStar · Nova M3 MSD300 · sending card
NovaStar · Nova M3 MSD600 · sending card
NovaStar · Nova M3 MCTRL300 · controller
NovaStar · Nova M3 MCTRL500 · controller
NovaStar · Nova M3 MCTRL600 · controller
NovaStar · Nova M3 MCTRL660 · controller
NovaStar · Nova M3 MRV200 · receiving card
NovaStar · Nova M3 MRV210 · receiving card
NovaStar · Nova M3 MRV220 · receiving card
NovaStar · Nova M3 MRV270 · receiving card
NovaStar · Nova M3 MRV300 · receiving card
NovaStar · Nova M3 MRV320 · receiving card
NovaStar · Nova M3 MRV330 · receiving card
NovaStar · Nova M3 MRV360 · receiving card
NovaStar · Nova PCC80 · asynchronous card
NovaStar · Nova PSD100 · asynchronous card
NovaStar · Nova PSD100 WiFi · asynchronous card
NovaStar · Nova PBOX100 · asynchronous controller
NovaStar · Nova M3 MRV300 · receiving card
NovaStar · Nova M3 MRV320 · receiving card
NovaStar · Nova M3 MFN300 · function card
NovaStar · Nova M3 MFN300B · function box
NovaStar · Nova M3 MON300 · monitor card
NovaStar · Nova M3 MTH310 · temperature sensor
NovaStar · Nova M3 NS048C · light sensor
NovaStar · Nova M3 CVT310 · fiber converter
NovaStar · Nova M3 CVT320 · fiber converter
NovaStar · Nova M3 DIS-300 · ethernet port distributor
NovaStar · Novapro HD · video processor

NovaStar Synchronous and Asynchronous Systems

Pretty much everything you need in one place.

About · NovaStar

In all fighting, the direct method may be used for joining battle, but indirect methods will be needed in order to secure victory. ~ Sun Tzu
NovaStar Control
NovaStar is one of the leading LED display solutions providers in the world, with product lines that include LED display synchronous and asynchronous control systems, point-by-point calibration and cloud-based information publishing and management.

The Beijing Olympic Games, Tienanmen Celebration for the 60th Anniversary on National Day,Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Xi'an International Horticultural Expo, Games for University Students and other large-scale events all relied on control systems are provided by Nova.

Through constant innovation, NovaStar now holds more than 20 proprietary intellectual property rights in LED display control, cloud computing and other fields.

NovaStar has been awarded the Xi'an Award for Science and Technology and the Shaanxi Award for Science and Technology.
NovaStar · LED control systems
NovaStar wrapped up 2014 by winning a spot in 'Deloitte's 2014 Technology Fast 50 Awards' in recognition of the company's more than 400% rate of revenue growth of the past three years.

Nova Tech has successively won titles of "Excellent Innovative Enterprise of Xi'an Software Park", "Outstanding High-growth Enterprises of Xi'an Software Park", "the Most Promising Enterprises of Xi'an Software Park", and "Strategic Emerging Industrial Enterprise of Xi'an High-Tech Industrial Development Zone".
NovaStar · LED control systems
Nova team is young, professional, diligent, wise and full of social responsibility. We gain respect through our own efforts, and we have the sense of social responsibility.

We believe that only the most leading technology, the most complete solution, the friendliest product, the best quality, and the most professional service can realize commission and target of Nova.

NovaStar is headquartered in the beautiful ancient capital of Xi'an, China with 19 branch offices across the globe.

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