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Telematics Canada TCI is a federally incorporated company operating in Vancouver since 2000 and is a factory distributor for specialized manufacturers that include Desay, Brompton, NovaStar and Displax.

Our partners manufacture innovative LED display cabinets, curtains, panels and interactive video floors and the systems that control them.

We distribute the world's most advanced touch skins and interactive tables, plus rear projection films that turn any window into a massive display.

Our high-volume relationship with our manufacturers and low corporate profile allows us to provide aggressive pricing and personalized service to a world-wide network of principals and project managers in the audio-video and digital signage industry. We also sell directly to businesses and individuals who select and install their own systems with the assistance of local tradesmen and engineers.

Examples of our Work

Although we do list a small number of case studies on our website, we're generally not that keen to show off our work. Not that we're not proud or suffer from excessive modesty. But rather because more often than not, those who are doing the bulk of the hard work are our Resellers and Specialists from around the world. And most of them prefer to put their own corporate stamp on the results rather than share the credit with us.

Our function is to identify what the right product is for the proposed project and to work with our Resellers to get it into their hands and up and running with the least amount of fuss and bother. We do this at a price that leaves plenty of room for a fair margin when it comes time to bill the client.
Telematics Canada · Our Customers

Our Customers

For 20 years we have developed business relationships with thousands of people from every corner of the world.

Many are audio visual professionals who need to source equipment for their clients. Others are architects and designers looking for solutions to create LED walls or floors. And some are end-users who want to take on the job of setting up their own digital displays with the assistance of local trades.

In each case, we provide our customers with the answers and advice that they request and offer solutions that are affordable, effective and reliable.

And we always keep their secrets to ourselves.
Telematics Canada · Our Partners

Our Partners

We have selected those companies that we consider to offer the best combination of value, price and performance in their respective fields.

Being a manufacturer's distributor for a high value product means that our company and reputation are on the line with each new project.

We work closely together to respond to your questions around the clock and complement our own customer support by providing schematics or mechanical drawings, production schedules and quoting volume shipping rates by both air and sea.

Our partners include Desay, Brompton, NovaStar and Displax and GlassVu.

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