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If you work with applications such as TV broadcasting, live event coverage, high-end concerts, or others that have very high requirements for latency reduction, then this product will be useful.

Enter the MCTRL 660 PRO, a controller that may be just what you need to solve your requirements for low latency. With your video source connected to the MCTRL 660 PRO, the signal is processed and transferred to the A8s receiving card with zero latency. The A8s then sends the signal on to your display with a latency of less than 1ms, resulting in a total latency from video source to display of less than 1ms.

You may already be using an A8s receiving card, in which case all you need is to simply add the MCTRL 660 PRO to be able to realize a total low latency solution. This also makes setup a breeze, as you can continue using your existing A8s, wiring, and display, simply connecting a MCTRL 660 PRO into the front end.

Large-scale Integrated Remote Content Management

NovaStar now has two products that work hand in hand to make storage, management, and display of digital signage content easier than it’s ever been before.

The hardware side of the solution is the Taurus Multimedia Player. Most models of this all-in-one smart card support both synchronous and asynchronous modes, and works seamlessly with either the VNNOX or ViPlex platforms to display your content. Suitable for indoor and outdoor billboards, commercial displays, shopping malls, fixed installations, and pole screens, Taurus was designed with stability and ease-of-use in mind, making sure your display’s uptime is maximized. The Taurus can also easily split your display into multiple regions, maximizing display space and increasing value.

MCTRL660 Pro: Proving That Sometimes The Sequel is Better

The original MCTRL660 was a solid, reliable controller. But NovaStar is never satisfied with “good enough.” Introducing the MCTRL660 Pro, an ultra-low latency controller that retains the stability and value of the original while adding more Ethernet ports and other improvements, making it the new standard for any and all applications where low latency is a must. Let’s take a look at a few of the features that make this controller a Pro.

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