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The Art Of Control · NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars

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NovaLCT-Mars wants a few words with your controller.

Think of it as a formal introduction to your LED display.


Download NovaLCT-Mars Version 4.4.1 directly from NovaStar. Windows only please.
Then read the manual.


Take a moment to read the 212 pages that is the NovaLCT-Mars Manual Version 4.4.1.
Or just scroll down.


Once you have NovaLCT-Mars sorted out, we can move onto NovaStudio Version 3.3.0.
You actually read the manual?

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Introduction

He wins his battles by making no mistakes. Making no mistakes is what establishes the
certainty of victory, for it means conquering an enemy that is already defeated. ~ Sun Tzu
NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Introduction
NovaStar provides NovaLCT-Mars without cost for the purpose of configuring LED displays equipped with NovaStar sending and receiving cards, plus NovaStar monitoring cards and multi-function cards.

This is where either the existing *.scfg configuration file is loaded, or where the user enters the known data concerning the display panels and screen layout.

NovaLCT-Mars allows the user to further control a variety of functions including control over screen brightness, power, error detection, and hardware monitoring.

The software enables point-by-point chroma correction for achieving the correct colour of each LED in the display.

The status of the display temperature, ambient humidity, fan speed and voltage and other conditions can be monitored in each cabinet or panel.

Configuration List

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Introduction · Configuration List
Each LED panel or cabinet will house one or more receiving cards, and these receive instructions from the controller which is also referred to as a sending card. For the purpose of this summary, we will refer to the controller as the sending card.

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars V4.4.1 is compatible with NovaStar MSD300/600 and MCTRL300/500/600/660 sending cards, and with the MVR200/210/220 and MVR300/320/330/340/350/360/365 receiving cards.

It is compatible with Nova MON300 monitoring cards and MFN300 multi-function cards, and Nova NS048C light sensors and MTH310 temperature sensors.

System Architecture

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Introduction · System Architecture
In a common synchronous installation where the content is resident on a connected PC, the display is connected to the sending card via ethernet.

The PC communicates with the sending card using DVI or HDMI, and a USB or RS232 connection.

In a standalone asynchronous installation where the content is resident at the display, the display is connected directly to the PC via ethernet.


NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Introduction · Environment
The minimum configuration for the PC requires an Intel Celeron with 1GB and 256 MB. In practice, a modern mid-range consumer computer is recommended.

Current Windows OS currently maintained and updated by Microsoft are advised. The system should be online or otherwise have internet access.


NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Introduction · NovaLCT-Mars Download
NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars V4.4.1 Setup and the Nova M3 LED Display Control System User Manual are both available for download here.

Clients who have not yet received their new LED display are encouraged to download the program and the user manual to become familiar with it.

Follow the standard prompts to install NovaLCT-Mars onto the PC.


NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Introduction · Interface
The NovaLCT-Mars combines a standard text menu with an icon menu that features five of the common functions. For the purpose of this summary, we will focus on the text menu which is highlighted in blue with a darker blue border, and its sub-menu which is padded to the right.

Our first step is to select the User menu.

In the drop-down sub-menu, select User Login and enter the default password: admin. Once you have done so, immediately Logout.

Return to the User menu. In the drop-down sub-menu, select Change Password and enter a password of your choice.

You now have access to the Advanced User Login and the corresponding sub-menu described in this summary.

If your interface is showing: No screen, click here for configuration, this is because you have not yet connected your PC to the sending card using a USB or RS232 connection, and no data is being communicated. Once these are connected, the icons in the adjacent image will be displayed.

System · Reconnect

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Introduction
This command is used to reconnect NovaLCT-Mars to the LED display.

Settings · Screen Configuration

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Settings · Screen Configuration
The advantage of using system configuration files to configure LED displays is that the configuration procedure is very simple and easy, and no manual configuration operation is required. To configure a LED display with system configuration files, click Screen Config button from the tool bar or select Tools->Screen Config from the main menu of the NovaLCT-Mars application main interface to open the Screen Config window. Shown in Fig.5-1 is the Screen Config window.

Settings · Brightness

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Settings · Brightness
The brightness of your display can be set here in software and also at the hardware on certain NovaStar controllers using a simple dial.

Settings · Multi-function Card

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Settings · Multi-function Card
This is used to open the page for multifunction card configuration.

Settings · Multiple-screen Management

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Settings · Multiple-screen Management
This is used to open the page for combination display configuration. It makes the management of brightness control and monitoring of multiple LED displays easier when these LED displays are combined together.

Settings · Hardware Information

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Settings · Hardware Information
This is used to check the information about the current LED display control system.

Settings · Prestore Screen

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Settings · Prestore Screen
Enter the restore screen, booting screen and no signal (including the disconnected network cable and no DVI signal) screen settings can be conducted.

Settings · Advanced Color Configuration

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Settings · Advanced Color Configuration
Factory Setting (current gain, RGB brightness). Configuration color space (original color space ,target color space).

Settings · Cloud Monitoring

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Settings · Cloud Monitoring
Select and register the display screen to the user, may be one or more will control the display screen connected with the computer, click on , fill in the name of the display screen, registered account name, click on , the default will register all display screen to the user will all display.

Settings · Module Flash

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Settings · Module Flash
View correction coefficients of the receiving card and module; Save correction coefficients in the receiving card and module; Test whether Flash is normal.

Settings · Receiving Card Relay

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Settings · Receiving Card Relay
Set parameters for the receiving card relay; Reset the time of the receiving card.

Settings · Configure Information Management

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Settings · Configure Information Management
Select configure information management" to conduct configuration file management. Import config: Export all the configuration files in the configuration process, and save in the computer in .zip format; Export config: Import previously saved configuration files; Cancel: Exit the configuration file management.

Settings · The Main Window Starting Position

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Settings · The Main Window Starting Position
This command is used to reconnect NovaLCT-Mars to the LED display.

Tools · Calibration

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Tools · Calibration
In online calibration, NovaCLB connects with NovaLCT-Mars through network. Data and instructions for LED display calibration are exchanged through the network. Shown in Fig.5-80 is the page for online calibration.

Tools · Screen Control

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Tools · Screen Control
Kill Show nothing on the LED display. Lock Always show the current image frame of the LED display. Run Switch the LED display back to normal from Kill or Lock. Self Test Show the test images generated by the receiver card for LED displays aging test or error detecting

Tools · Monitoring

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Tools · Monitoring
This command is used to reconnect NovaLCT-Mars to the LED display.

Tools · LED Error Detection

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Tools · LED Error Detection
The LED lights status checking function, also known as Led Error Detection, is to check the working status of each LED light on a LED display. NovaLCT-Mars can detect and locate LED lights that are in open circuit or short circuit status. Led Error Detection is only available for LED displays of which the LED lights driver chips support LED lights open/short circuit status checking. Monitor boards for Mars serial LED display control systems are required for Led Error Detection

Tools · Multi-batch Adjustment

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Tools · Multi-batch Adjustment
Quickly adjust the chromaticity of each batch of cabinet to achieve the effect of reference model. After adjusting well, save the adjustment parameter into a file; next time, load the file to finish adjustment quickly without manual adjustment.

Tools · Controller Cabinet Configuration File Import

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Tools · Controller Cabinet Configuration File Import
This command is used to reconnect NovaLCT-Mars to the LED display.

Tools · Quickly Adjust Dark or Bright Lines

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Tools · Quickly Adjust Dark or Bright Lines
Select the screen that will be adjusted currently, and select the location that will play the screen, which setting must be set the same as the computer display. After select screen, it will display splicing topology corresponding immediately; check “Module-level adjustment” to show topological graph of module splice,the user can quickly see the specific location that bright dark line shines upon the topological graph on the screen. And then select to adjust. It will introduce the method that select and cancel the edge or vertex as follows: take cabinet topological graph as an example, the operation of topological graph of module is the same as topological graph of the cabinet. Using the mouse to directly click the four edges or vertices of the box body selected, click firstly to select, click secondly to cancel.

Tools · Video Control

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Tools · Video Control
Video control only supports single controller that drives a single LED display or multiple controllers assembly that drive a single big screen. To satisfy all kinds of display effects, set the input, output and splice parameters of the LED display. First choose LED display and input source of the LED display. Read from hardware: save all video control parameters before reading from hardware.

Plug-In · Test Tool

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Plug-In · Test Tool
To open the page which all test tools (test content) for LED displays testing are in.

Plug-In · Calculator

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Plug-In · Calculator
Yes. Just a desktop calculator :)

Plug-In · External Program

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Plug-In · External Program
A shortcut to add frequently used programs.

User · Change Password

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · Plug-In · Change Password
Select. Change your password. Save.

Move along. Nothing more to see here.

User · Logout

NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars · User · Logout
Yes. Logout. :)

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