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NovaStar configuration software is a powerful thing.

Now you can finally be the control freak everyone thinks you already are.


Pixel loading begins with the horizontal support for 2048 pixels and tops out at 7680 pixels with the new 4K. And vertical pixel support starts at 1200 and carries on to 2160. Which means a single MCTRL can load up to 8,294,400 red, green and blue pixels in a single display.


The 4K is the largest of the Series MCTRL cabinets and it weighs in at about 10 kilograms and measures 483 * 386 * 89 millimeters wide, tall and deep. If you haven't switched over from the Exchequer Standards of 1825, that works out to about 22 pounds and 19 * 15 * 4 inches.


The 4K includes the Nova G4 engine for flicker-free performance and Nova Point by Point correction. Use the 4K to calibrate the white balance and map out the color gamut. Match the MCTRL 4K to any of our Desay fine-pixel displays and know you have selected the best of the best.


The MCTRL Series can support input resolutions of up to 1080 at 60 hertz and pixel clock settings of 160 megahertz, bandwidths of up to 4 gigabytes and HDMI gray scales of up to 12 bits. Maybe take your tech guy out for a coffee and he can explain to you what all this means.


Rated power consumption is a modest 30 watts or less, depending on the model. Variable voltage power supplies accept 100V ~ 240V and the input power frequency is 50 ~ 60 hertz. Our technicians will provide an electrical schematic specific to your project on request.


Plug in your new MCTRL to the mains power. Connect to your displays through DP, HDMI and DVI. Configure your displays using LCT software and various levels of hardware control settings specific to the MCTRL model chosen. Call us if you need any assistance.

Specifications · NovaStar LCT

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Version 5.1.0
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NovaStar LCT
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Smart LCT is a new generation of LED Display Configuration software from NovaStar.

The software relies on NovaStar Controllers including the Professional and Phobos Series and the VX and MCTRL Series.

With Smart LCT, NovaStar has made significant advances towards creating an intuitive software for setting up complex LED Display designs, both online and offline. The software is compatible with recent versions of Windows and with OSX.

We have created a quick reference guide for Nova Smart LCT that should provide answers for most every question that comes up during an installation. We otherwise encourage you to download the manual for a comprehensive solution.


Nova Smart LCT V3.1.3.0 is compatible with:

 • NovaStar Professional Series Sending Cards (Controllers): 3D, NovaPro HD

 • NovaStar Phobos Series Sending Cards (Controllers): 4K, R5

 • NovaStar VX Series Sending Cards (Controllers): VX4S, VX4, VX2

 • NovaStar MCTRL Series Sending Cards (Controllers): 300, 500, 600·660

 • NovaStar MRV Series Receiving Cards: 200·210·220, 300·320, 330·340, 350, 360·365

 • NovaStar Armor Receiving Cards: A8s

 • NovaStar Monitoring Cards: MON300

 • NovaStar Multifunction Cards: MFN300

 • NovaStar Sensors: NS060C, MTH310


Installations rely on a Sending Card (also referred to as the Controller) connected to the PC using DVI or HDMI, and an USB or RS232 connection and then to the LED Display through Ethernet.

Runtime Environment

Nova Smart LCT runs on Windows 10 and legacy versions and on OSX. CPU performance is a minimum of 1.0 GHz with 256 MB.

In practice, a modern mid-range consumer computer that is online is recommended.
Select the Create Offline Design or Create Online Design menu for new projects or to access an existing design, the Open menu.

The top menu is typical of many programs and generally self-explanatory. Note that the menu changes between Online and Offline Designs.


⮡  New  ⭢ Open  ⭢ Save  ⭢ Save As  ⭢ Recent Projects  ⭢ Close  ⭢ Exit


⮡  New  ⭢ Undo  ⭢ Redo  ⭢ Copy  ⭢ Paste  ⭢ Select All  ⭢ Delete  ⭢ Group  ⭢ Ungroup

The Group/Ungroup function brings all the cabinets together for editing or moving or returns them to single cabinets.


⮡  Zoom In  ⭢ Zoom Out  ⭢ 1:1  ⭢ Zoom To Fit  ⭢ Online  ⭢ Cabinet Info  ⭢ Auto Connect  ⭢ Show Grid  ⭢ Snap  ⭢ View

The View menu includes Online status for the cabinets and their sending and receiving cards and port information and an Auto Connect that causes any added cabinets to be connected and snapped to each other or to a custom Grid. Select from a front or back view of the cabinet layout. Zoom In and Zoom Out are standard commands as is view settings of 1:1 scale. Zoom to Fit adjusts the cabinets in the editing area to a preset size and start position.


⮡  Reconnect  ⭢ Refresh  ⭢ Send  ⭢ Save To Hardware  ⭢ Hot Backup  ⭢ Restore Settings  ⭢ Quick Seam  ⭢ Test Pattern

The Operation menu is active when Create Online Design is selected. The menu will Reconnect and Refresh Devices, Send the screen configuration to the controller or Save To Hardware or backup devices and ports using Hot Backup. The Quick Seam Brightness Adjustment is available to create a more uniform display between cabinet edges and Test Pattern provides for a quick review of the display performance.


⮡  Calculator  ⭢ Test Tool

The Windows calculator is available through this shortcut and a series of diagnostics are accessed through the Test Tool.

Language Settings · 3.1

Choose from a selection of languages in the drop-down menu including English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Creating Projects · 4.1 · 5.1

Choose between Create Offline Design or Create Online Design in the Nova Smart LCT interface and Create A New Project. The Offline Design allows for an LED Display to be configured without having either the Devices (Controllers) or Cabinets connected to the PC. Be certain to select Refresh in the Device drop-down menu before proceeding.

• Name The Project: Choose a Name and a Network Path on which to store that file.

• Select Device: (Offline Design) Select from a drop-down list of Devices (Controllers).

• Select The Cabinet: Select from a drop-down list of Manufacturer and the Type which specifies a corresponding cabinet or panel.

• Screen Size: Specify the number of Cabinet Columns and Cabinet Rows.

•  Maximum Load Of Device: Controllers support a Maximum Width and Maximum Height of pixels depending on the model. Enter those numbers.

• Connection Type: Choose from the Auto Path or one of 8 standard paths.

Cabinet Management · 4.1.1

In Manage Cabinets, these functions are accessed.

⮡   ◰ Select / Export  ⭢  ◰ Export All  ⭢  ◰ Delete  ⭢  ◰ Add  ⭢  ◰ Edit

Export the information of selected cabinets or all cabinets to a file on the network, or add, edit or delete selected cabinets from the display.

View Switching · 4.1.2

When a new project is created, choose from the Normal Mode which shows the default cabinets or the Smart Mode which extends the menu to include Screen Size, Maximum Load and Connection Type.

The LED Display Configuration window opens when either an Offline Project or Online Project is selected and the Create A New Project window is completed and confirmed.

Devices · 4.2.1 · 5.2.1

In the Project window, the Device column is positioned to the left of the Canvas.

In an Offline Project, the plus icon at the bottom left corner of the Device column opens the Add Devices window. This feature is not present in an Online Project.

Select from Optional Devices and Add those to the Selected Devices column or Remove them in the same manner.

Select Okay to complete the operation.

Canvas Properties · 4.2.2

Right-click the blank area of the Canvas to display its properties.

Left-click the blank area of the Canvas to display Grid Color, Grid Spacing, Screen Name and Disable Edit in the Properties column to the right of the Canvas.

Cabinet Configuration · 4.2.3 · 5.2.2

Select the Controller in the Device section on the left of the window and the Cabinet Properties are revealed on the right.

Those properties include the Manufacturer and Cabinet Model, the Controller, Port Name, Connection, Mapping Position and Test Patterns.

Where a Controller with rotation functions such as the MCTRLR5, select a single cabinet and set the center and angle of rotation to enable free rotation.

Import Cabinets

Select the plus icon in the tool bar to launch the Manage Cabinets window and select the 🖉 icon to open the Edit Added Cabinet window.

Select More to access the *.rcfgx file or instead edit the Size and Weight, Power and Pixel Pitch. Select Save when the new cabinet is created.

Add Cabinets

Select a Device (Controller) and Ethernet Port in the Device area.

Add a single cabinet or batch of cabinets and go to the editing area. Click and drag the mouse in the blank area to add multiple cabinets. Click the mouse repeatedly in the editing area to add multiple cabinets, but only one at a time. Right-click the mouse to stop.

Cabinet Connection

Select a cabinet connection type on the tool bar.

Select View and Auto Connect.

Select cabinets in the editing area. Then connecting lines between the cabinets appear automatically or hold and drag the mouse on the editing area to add more cabinets and connecting lines. Right-click to stop adding cabinets. The first connection type in the tool bar is applied to connect cabinets by default in “Auto connection” mode.

Alternatively, select View and deselect Auto Connect.

Add cabinets in the editing area. No connecting lines appear between cabinets. Select the added cabinets and choose a connection type in the tool bar.

Group Cabinets

Add cabinets to the editing area to combine the selected cabinets into a group. Set the Group Name in the Properties. To add more cabinets, right-click and select Add To Group and choose a Group Name.

Delete Lines

Select the Cabinets and Delete Lines to disconnect the Cabinets.

Ethernet Port Loads · 4.2.3

The Load Condition Warning Area shows the loading capacity of Ethernet ports. Blue denotes that the load is normal and Red denotes the load is exceeded.

Select the Hot Backup icon in the right corner of the top menu. A wizard tutorial automatically follows in the Hot Backup Canvas

Add a Device to the Hot Backup Canvas. While the Device is in its initial state, select the bar in the right side of the Device and set it to blue for a Master Device or brown as a Slave Device.

When set as a Slave Device in the initial state, the Device Backup and Port Backup are not available. When Devices or Ports are backed up, the Device cannot be set as a Device Backup separately.

Simple Mode

To create a backup between Devices, move one or more to the Hot Backup Canvas. Drag one onto the other to backup the Devices. A dotted border will appear around the two Devices.

Once the two Devices are backed up, a toggle icon appears in the connecting line that allows toggling between Master and Slave. The delete icon in the top right corner of the dashed box surrounding the Devices will cancel the backup.

Note that Hot Backup requires Devices with the same communication ports and that once backup is completed, the Ethernet Ports of the two Devices will be backed up correspondingly.

To create a backup between the Ethernet Ports of a single Device, move it to the Hot Backup Canvas. The Port icon in the top right of the Device will backup the the Ports.

Advanced Mode

Select the Port Name drop-down menu and add two or more Devices to be added to identical communication ports.

Select the Add icon and the sequence number of the Primary Sending Card, Backup Sending Card, Primary Ethernet Port and Backup Ethernet Port.

Note that if the sequence numbers of the Primary Sending Cards and Backup Sending Cards are the same, the Ethernet Ports of one device are backed up. If the numbers are different, the backup is between Devices.

Select the Add icon at the bottom of the page to add the Devices.

Sending Information · 4.4 · 5.6

Select the Send icon in the top menu to send the LED Display Configuration to a corresponding Device.

Note that a warning will appear if the Loading Capacity of the Ethernet Ports are exceeded.

Seam Brightness Adjustment completes the LED Display Configuration in Online Projects.

Select Operation in the top menu and in the Quick Seam Brightness Adjustment sub-menu, Fast Adjust Seam Data to open the Seam Brightness Adjustment window.

The number of cabinets in the Seam Brightness Adjustment window will be the same as those on the LED Display Configuration window.

⮡   ◰ Send  ⭢  ◰ Save To Hardware  ⭢  ◰ Save

Send the Seam Brightness data to sending cards or save to hardware or save the data to a file.

⮡   ◰ Area Splitting  ⭢  ◰ Cabinet Restoring  ⭢  ◰ Selection

Area Splitting sets the number of rows and columns after a Cabinet is split and Cabinet Restoring returns it to the previous state. Selection enables highlighting columns and rows of Cabinets.

Select the border of Cabinets to display their details. Drag the Selected Area Parameters Adjustment to adjust.

Gray equates to no adjustable value if not selected, Light Green equates to adjustable value if not selected.

Blue equates to no adjustable value if selected, Dark Green equates to adjustable value if selected.

Restoring Seam Data · 5.4

Restoring Seam Data will do just that once the data file has been saved in Seam Adjust File.

Access V-Sender · 6.1

V-Sender supports NovaStar MCTRL300, MCTRL660 and MCTRL4K, VX4S, NovaPro HD and 3D HD. Note that the interface may change from one Device to another.

Select the ⚙ icon in the Device List on the Nova Smart LCT start-up window.

Adding Devices

Select Add Devices from the bottom of the Device list. Select a Device (Controller) and OK to add it. An image of the Device and its functions is displayed.

Download the Nova Smart LCT Manual and review Section 6.3.

Device Information · 6.4

V-Sender allows the review of the Device Model, Ethernet Port and the number of cascaded devices in Device List.

Device Attributes · 6.5

V-Sender allows the review of the Device attributes including the Device Name, Port Name, ID and the Firmware Version.

Input Signal Settings · 6.5.2

Select Source Type and Data Bits from the Input tab.

Source Types include DVI, DP and HDMI

Data Bits from sources may differ. For example, Data Bits for DVI, DP and HDMI are 8.

In EDID, the Resolution and Refresh Rate can be preset.

Output Signal Settings · 6.5.3


Enable Montage when the number of pixels in the LED Display exceeds the loading capacity of the Device. Only Auto Fit To Screen is available.

Main Screen

Zoom modes include Disable Zoom, Custom Zoom and Auto Fit To Screen.

Minor Screen

Set the size and start position of a Minor Screen as well as the size of position of the image to be displayed.

Video Source Synchronization

Synchronize the source input and output of the Device except when Montage is enabled.

Display Color Settings · 6.5.4

Control the Contrast, Saturation, Hue and Sharpness of the LED Display.

Select Apply to save the new settings or choose Default to restore Default Values.

System Settings · 6.5.5

Select LCD Lock to lock out the LCD panel of the connected Device, Smart Gray Scale, De-interlace to convert to a Progressive Signal, Genlock to Synchronize read-only parameters, VGA Auto Processing and ADC Auto Calibration.

Audio Settings · 6.5.6

Select Enable Audio Output and choose between HDMI Audio and External Audio. Adjust the volume using the slider.

The Screen Settings can be configured like building blocks.

Select a Device from the Device Column, and add a Cabinet using the icons in the tool bar. Drag the mouse in a blank area of the Canvas to add multiple Cabinets or just click to add single Cabinets.

Select one or more Cabinets to move them about on the Canvas.

Full Rotation · 7.2

Nova Smart LCT enables rotation of the Cabinets when equipped with NovaStar MCTRLR5 and NovaStar A8S Receiving Cards.

Single Cabinet

Select a single Cabinet and a Rotation Bar appears. Drag the mouse to rotate the Cabinet or set the center and angle of the rotation in Properties to the right of the Canvas.

Multiple Cabinets

Select multiple Cabinets and a Rotation Bar appears in each. Drag the mouse to rotate the Cabinets or set the center and angle of the rotation in Properties to the right of the Canvas.


Select Edit and Group to Group together selected Cabinets. The Rotation Bar now appears in the center of the Group and the center and angle of the rotation can be set in Properties to the right of the Canvas.

Receiving Card · 7.3

Select Tools, then Test Tool sub-menu to run a series of simple diagnostic tests. Note that this function is only supported in Windows.

🗀 Window  ⭢ 🗀 Pure Color  ⭢ 🗀 Gradual Change  ⭢ 🗀 Grid  ⭢ 🗀 Orientation  ⭢ 🗀 Self Test

Each test is self-explanatory and allows for filling out the LED Display with solid and gradated colors and grids to quickly pinpoint problems.

Picture In Picture · 7.4

Select PIP and chose the toolbar icon that best reflects the required layout.

In the Main Screen set the scaling using either Disable Zoom, Custom Zoom or Auto Fit Screen.

Select an area of the image to be shown on the LED Display. Using Auto Fit Screen causes the contents to be scaled automatically to fit the LED Display.

Self Test · 7.5

Select Settings and Self-Test to run.

Color, Grid and Test Pattern are available.

When complete, select Normal to restore the LED Display.

Select the Control page at the bottom of the window. Choose the Signal Source of the Main and Minor LED Display.

Screen Control provides for Black Out, Freeze, Normal, .

Montage · 7.7

The Montage function is called upon when the number of pixels in a display exceed the loading capacity of a single Device (Controller).

Select Output and Montage in the V-Sender window to set the montage.

Choose from Non-Equal Division when each Device loads a different area of the LED Display and Equal Division when each Device loads an identical area of the LED Display

Template Settings · 7.8

Select the Template page at the bottom of the window. Save the configuration as a template from one of the ten defaults, or delete other templates using the icons.

Image Exporting · 7.9

Nova Smart LCT offers the ability to save a *.png image file that shows the Display Configuration from the front or back. The image file can be printed and shared with team members for easy reference.

Select File and Export to set the information of the image to be saved.

Choose a Front View or Back View and the Network Path.

The company name and corporate logo can be set, and the company name can be overlaid as a watermark. Select Export to complete.

Fine Print
Specifications NovaStar and Telematics reserves the right to change any specifications without prior notice.
Factory Warranty Faulty components to be repaired or exchanged for 3 years from the date of shipping.

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About Telematics

Telematics is a federally-incorporated company based in Vancouver since 2000. Our global partners manufacture innovative LED display panels, cabinets, curtains, interactive video floors and the systems that control them. We distribute the world's most advanced touch skins and rear projection films that turn any window into a massive display.
Our high-volume relationship with our manufacturers and low corporate profile allows us to provide aggressive pricing and personalized service to a world-wide network of principals and project managers in the audio-video and digital signage industry. We also sell directly to businesses and individuals who select and install their own systems with the assistance of local tradesmen and engineers.

Our Manufacturers

NovaStar is one of the leading LED display solutions providers in the world, with product lines that include LED display synchronous and asynchronous control systems, point-by-point calibration and cloud-based information publishing and management.
The Beijing Olympic Games, Tienanmen Celebration for the 60th Anniversary on National Day,Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Xi'an International Horticultural Expo, Games for University Students and other large-scale events all relied on control systems are provided by Nova.
Through constant innovation, NovaStar now holds more than 20 proprietary intellectual property rights in LED display control, cloud computing and other fields.
NovaStar has been awarded the Xi'an Award for Science and Technology and the Shaanxi Award for Science and Technology.

Our Customers

For 18 years we have developed business relationships with thousands of people from every corner of the world.
Many are audio visual professionals and consultants who need to source premium equipment for their clients. Others are architects and designers looking for solutions to create LED walls or interactive floors. And some are end-users prepared to take on the challenge of setting up their own digital displays.
In each case, we provide our customers with the answers they need and endeavor to offer solutions that are affordable, effective and reliable.
And we always keep their secrets to ourselves.

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Series Taurus
TB8 000 /unit
TB6 470 /unit
TB3 330 /unit

Cardboard Packaging
Ground · Air Freight

Factory Warranty · Three Years
CVT4K-S 2500 /unit
CVT320 200 /unit
CVT310 170 /unit

Cardboard Packaging
Ground · Air Freight

Factory Warranty · Three Years
NS060 120 /unit
MTH310 85 /unit
MFN300 120 /unit
MON300 50 /unit

Cardboard Packaging
Ground · Air Freight

Factory Warranty · Three Years
Series MCTRL
MCTRL 4K 4500 /unit
MCTRL R5 2300 /unit
MCTRL 660 600 /unit
MCTRL 600 490 /unit
MCTRL 300 270 /unit

Cardboard Packaging
Ground · Air Freight

Factory Warranty · Three Years
Series Professional
NovaPro HD 3000 /unit
Jupiter J6 4000 /unit

Cardboard Packaging
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Factory Warranty · Three Years
Series VX
VX4S 1900 /unit
VX4U 1800 /unit

Cardboard Packaging
Ground · Air Freight

Factory Warranty · Three Years


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Your installation will include a PC for content and a NovaStar controller to direct that content to the display. There will be power and data cables to hook everything up and a frame or support beams to mount your display. If you need assistance with this, Telematics can often suggest a local partner.


NovaStar provides their full technical expertise to assist Telematics and our clients with any issues where we have requested their assistance. Most problems are diagnosed and resolved very quickly using remote access software, Skype and webcams or a simple exchange of emails and phone calls.


NovaStar supports their products with a comprehensive 3-year factory warranty that is completely free of fine print from the Law Firm of Obfuscate, Muddle and Flummox, and is instead defined by simply keeping our customers' confidence by standing behind each and every product they make.

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