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The Art Of Light · GlassVu Rear Projection

What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease. ~ Sun Tzu
GlassVu Charcoal · rear projection screen
GlassVu Charcoal · rear projection screen
GlassVu Charcoal · rear projection screen
GlassVu Ivory · rear projection screen
GlassVu Ebony · rear projection screen
GlassVu Charcoal · rear projection screen
GlassVu Clear · rear projection screen
GlassVu Charcoal · rear projection screen
GlassVu Clear · rear projection screen

Our Rear Projection screens will fulfill your every desire.

Assuming that you already lead a very full and satisfied life, and really just need a rear projection screen and then you will be totally happy.


Our rear projection screens are built from multiple layers of polyethylene terephthalate and light diffusion polyesters.


Our forward-scattering characteristics generate images that are free from pixelation and any colour shift when the viewing angle changes. Nice.


All GlassVu Rear Projection screens include an adhesive layer that sticks to glass.


Choose from a ghostly holographic image, medium to high-contrast clarity, or even a mirrored reflection.


Digital projectors are a fast-moving business that we steer clear of. Find yourself a good deal from a local guy and ask to try it out on your new installation before you buy.


Near-transparency creates the illusion of floating images moving across the glass when the ambient light is up.

After-hours, your storefront comes alive with a display that can be fully viewed and enjoyed or seen past to the merchandise in the background.


White screens goes nicely with white walls and Ivory adds an inviting translucence that reveals shapes and forms beyond the display.

This is an elegant solution for a gallery or fashion shop. Or even a certain technology store.


Having a rear projection screen do double-duty as a mirror is a good trick, and Chrome pulls this off with ease.

This is a very specific display for a very specific need. Imagine a wall of mirrors that transforms to a projection when a viewer approaches.


Our most popular Rear Projection model over the years has been the Charcoal.

It is ideal for medium to large format storefront displays. Its high gain and extraordinary haze means that projected images are bright and powerful for easy viewing.

Any standard or short-throw projector can be set at any reasonable incident angle to the screen. Ultra-short-throw will not work.

Charcoal is an excellent screen for most digital signage applications including many higher ambient light settings other than direct sunlight.


Just like our Charcoal, but much, much darker.

Ebony is our highest contrast rear projection screen at 500:1 and a transmittance level that ensures that hot spots are never a concern.

Specifications · GlassVu Rear Projection

Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought.
The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand. ~ Sun Tzu
Parameters Clear Ivory Charcoal Ebony Chrome
Roll width · mm 1524 1524 1524 1524 1350
Roll length · meters custom custom custom custom custom
Thickness · µ 100 100 100 125 125
UV · % 99 99 99 99 99
Contrast ratio 200:1 200:1 400:1 500:1 400:1
Minimum viewing distance · m 0 0 0 0 0
Horizontal viewing · 50% brightness 75°/-75° 75°/-75° 60°/-60° 75°/-75° 75°/-75°
Vertical viewing · 50% brightness 75°/-75° 75°/-75° 60°/-60° 75°/-75° 75°/-75°
Transmittance ratio · % 88 92 72 21 13
Haze ratio · % 33 93 95 98 96
Lifetime · hours 50000 50000 50000 50000 50000
Substrate Glass or Acrylic
Projector Standard throw or short throw
Projector · UST Ultra short throw is not recommended
Fine Print
Warranty Warranty does not apply to this product.
Specifications Telematics reserves the right to change any technical specifications without prior notice.
GlassVu Clear· rear projection screen
GlassVu Ivory · rear projection screen
GlassVu Charcoal · rear projection screen
GlassVu · rear projection screen
GlassVu · rear projection screen

Pricing · GlassVu Rear Projection

Ponder and deliberate before you make a move. ~ Sun Tzu
Clear + Ebony
2000 * 1524 mm$460
3000 * 1524 mm$690
4000 * 1524 mm$920
5000 * 1524 mm$1150
6000 * 1524 mm$1380
7000 * 1524 mm$1610
10000 * 1524 mm$1840
Change Without Notice

Ivory + Charcoal
2000 * 1524 mm$420
3000 * 1524 mm$630
4000 * 1524 mm$840
5000 * 1524 mm$1050
6000 * 1524 mm$1260
7000 * 1524 mm$1470
10000 * 1524 mm$1680
Change Without Notice

Shipping Tuben/c

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Ground Freightquote
Vancouver Pickup At No Cost

Telematics Canada is as proud of our fair pricing as we are of our brilliant technology, which is why we don't hesitate to clearly list both in plain view for our visitors to review and compare to our competition. We respect the value of your time by not wasting days of it just so you can get a ballpark quote for your project. Which is great news for our new clients. For the analog guys still playing in the old school sandbox...not so much.


Is your installation in high ambient light or indirect sunlight? Does the display require transparency? Are there design elements to consider when the projection is off?


Your GlassVu will be cut to size to the nearest linear meter with a minimum order of 2 linear meters. Orders of 10 meters or more are discounted pro rata at a discounted volume price.


We can ship your order by air or ground as your budget and time allows. Shipping and Customs schedules can be estimated, but are external variables that are outside of our control.

Installation · GlassVu Rear Projection the instructions!
If you are a novice and have never attempted to apply polyester films with water-activated adhesives to glass, now is probably not the time to learn.

In all Rear Projection Screen installations, we advise that the client enlists the services of a qualified installer. This may be someone from a local glass shop who is experienced with tinting windows.
Be certain that your installer has the patience to do the job right.

You don't want to hire anyone who is in a rush to be somewhere else as soon as possible.
  • 1 Organize your team.

    Unless you have at least four arms, this is not a one-man job. Once you start, you can't stop half-way through and call for help.
  • 2 Mark the position and clean the glass. Then clean it again.

    Mark the target position of the screen with removable painter's tape placed at the four alignment points on a clean substrate. It is critical to a successful installation that the substrate has been thoroughly cleaned and that any cleaning agents have been wiped away with water.

    Now go back and clean it again. You don't want to see every little bit of dust stuck between the film and the glass forever. The difference between a great job and a good enough job will come from this extra effort.
  • 3 Spray down your target area.

    Spray your target area with a mixture of water and mild detergent. Be sure to keep the the top horizontal edge of your target area soaked with the solution to prevent the glue from immediately sticking to the glass. Identify and peel back the disposable release liner covering the adhesive layer from the corresponding area of the projection screen and spray both sides.
  • 4 Lay down the projection screen.

    Lay down the projection screen onto the target area. It should slide around easily. Start working the spatula to move water out from under the screen and at the same time, begin exposing more of the adhesive while keeping both sides of the projection screen sprayed down. Continue until the release liner is removed and the projection screen is fully applied to the substrate.
  • 5 Wipe away any excess water.

    Wipe away any excess water on the projection screen and substrate and confirm that it is properly aligned with the original tape markers. Remove any remaining water between the projection screen and the substrate using a soft rubber spatula or roller, working from the center and outwards to the edges, always spraying the exposed surface in order to reduce friction.

    This is when you send one of your team outside to inspect the screen and make sure that no dust or debris is trapped underneath while you can still do something about it. You probably won't see this from the installation side.
  • 6 As the adhesive dries, pools will begin to form.

    As the adhesive dries and pulls the screen tight, pools will begin to form. These will look like small air bubbles but are actually pools of water being pushed together. Now is the time to watch for this and quickly work the pools out to the screen edge using the spatula.
  • 7 Continue to check for any pools forming.

    Continue to check for any pools forming under the projection screen for the next hour or more, and as they form work any pools to the edge. The adhesive will be mostly dry in a few hours and completely dry within 48 hours.
  • 8 High Five!

    With a bit of luck and a bit of skill, you now have a perfect installation. Your attention to detail and ensuring a clean debris-free surface will contribute the most to this success.
  • 9 Service anyone?

    Your Rear Projection Screen is service-free. Once it is installed on your window or glass panel, there only one thing more to do!

    Put up a little note beside it, or be sure to tell anyone concerned:

    ★ DO NOT Clean With Soap Or Abrasive Materials ★

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they produce more hues than can ever been seen. ~ Sun Tzu
GlassVu Rear Projection Film · Clear
GlassVu Rear Projection Film · Charcoal
GlassVu Rear Projection Film · Charcoal

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