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The Art Of LED · Desay Series T

Priced at $6000 ~ $40000

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Desay Series T · fine to ultra-fine pixel panel
Desay Series T · 1.26 mm
Desay Series T · fine to ultra-fine pixel panel
Desay Series T · 1.26 mm
Desay Series T · fine to ultra-fine pixel panel
Desay Series T · 1.26 mm
Desay Series T · fine to ultra-fine pixel panel
Desay Series T · 1.26 mm
Desay Series T · fine to ultra-fine pixel panel
Desay Series T · video
Desay Series T · fine to ultra-fine pixel panel
Desay Series T · 1.26 mm
Desay Series T · fine to ultra-fine pixel panel
Desay Series T · 1.26 mm
Desay Series T · fine to ultra-fine pixel panel
Desay Series T · 1.26 mm
Desay Series T · fine to ultra-fine pixel panel
Desay Series T · 1.26 mm

The Desay Series T.
4K = 3840 x 2160 = 8,294,200 = 5.2 m²

Math is hard. Let's go shopping for your first 4K LED Video Wall.


As in Control Room. Whether you are running a Metropolis or the New World Order, there is nothing like a couple of million pixels to bring clarity to the challenge at hand.


That would be a private theater where a seamless expanse of 281 trillion colors is just about the most amazing thing you can imagine. If only the content was that good.


Given enough space, any LED display can add up to 3840 pixels wide. The new Series T gets you there in just over 3 meters. And if you have room, there is always 8K.


A panel size of 609 * 342.56 may seem a bit odd until you do the math and calculate a perfect 16:9 aspect ratio. Which means we can also easily configure 4:3 displays. Nice.


Expensive. Not expensive compared to competing technologies or other manufacturers, but expensive compared to a bunch of glossy LCD monitors with distracting bezels.


Perfection in design and engineering inspires us to perceive beauty. The Series T might just have the best looking backside of any display system on the market.


160 degrees of horizontal viewing and 160 degrees of vertical viewing. None of our other Series even come close to this extraordinary range. They might be getting a little jelly.


Advanced dot-by-dot calibration technology means that fresh color uniformity for the Series T is literally at your fingertips to be quickly set and saved to each panel.


Series T out-performs with 3840 Hz refresh rates in case your audience is recording the entire performance on their phones even though there is a sign right there telling them not to.

Specifications · Desay Series T

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Model T0.79 T0.95 T1.26 T1.58 T1.90 T2.53

Pixel pitch · mm 0.79 0.95 1.26 1.58 1.90 2.53
Pixels/m² 1590207 1103383 620979 397552 276136 155245
Pixel configuration · smd smd smd smd smd smd smd

IP code · front/rear
20/20 20/20 20/20 20/20 20/20 20/20


Panel width · mm · inches 609/24 609/24 609/24 609/24 609/24 609/24

Panel height · mm · inches 342/13 342/13 342/13 342/13 342/13 342/13

Panel depth · mm · inches 75/3 75/3 75/3 75/3 75/3 75/3


Brightness · candela/m²
500 600 800 1000 1000 1200

Display refresh rate · Hz 3840 3840 3840 3840 3840 3840

Horizontal · 50 % brightness · ° 80/-80 80/-80 80/-80 80/-80 75/-75 75/-75
Vertical · 50 % brightness · ° 80/-80 80/-80 80/-80 80/-80 75/-75 75/-75


Digital processing · bits 16 16 16 16 16 16
Colors · trillions 281 281 281 281 281 281
Gray scale linear · levels 65536 65536 65536 65536 65536 65536

Lifetime 50 % brightness · hours 100000 100000 100000 100000 100000 100000


Input power rated · W/m² 280 280 273 263 252 252
Input power maximum· W/m² 800 800 780 750 720 720
Input voltage · VAC 100 ~ 240 100 ~ 240 100 ~ 240 100 ~ 240 100 ~ 240 100 ~ 240
Input power frequency · Hz 50 ~ 60 50 ~ 60 50 ~ 60 50 ~ 60 50 ~ 60 50 ~ 60


Wall M10 corner M10 corner M10 corner M10 corner M10 corner M10 corner

Panel weight · kg · pounds 8/19 8/19 8/19 8/19 8/19 8/19

Operating temperature · °C -10 ~ 40 -10 ~ 40 -10 ~ 40 -10 ~ 40 -10 ~ 40 -10 ~ 40

Software · Manuals

NovaStar Nova Smart LCT
Windows OSX Android iOS

NovaStar Nova Mars LCT
Windows OSX Android iOS

NovaStar Nova Studio
Windows OSX Android iOS


NovaStar Phobos Series

NovaStar Thunderview Series
S1 V1

NovaStar Professional Series
NovaPro HD Jupiter J6

NovaStar VX Series

NovaStar MCTRL Series

Receiving Cards

NovaStar Armor Series Armor A8 · A8s Armor A7 · A7s Armor A5 · A5s Armor A4 · A4s

NovaStar MRV Series MRV 560 MRV 470 MRV 420 · 410 MRV 360 · 330 MRV 320 · 300

Fine Print

Specifications Desay and Telematics reserves the right to change any specifications without prior notice.
Warranty Faulty components to be repaired or exchanged for 2 years from the date of shipping.
Extended Warranty Desay's factory warranty may be extended to 3, 4 or 5 years at a modest premium.

The Sales Pitch · Desay Series T

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Telematics is a federally-incorporated company based in Vancouver since 2000. Our global partners manufacture innovative LED display panels, cabinets, curtains, interactive video floors and the systems that control them. We distribute the world's most advanced touch skins and rear projection films that turn any window into a massive display.

Our high-volume relationship with our manufacturers and low corporate profile allows us to provide aggressive pricing and personalized service to a world-wide network of principals and project managers in the audio-video and digital signage industry. We also sell directly to businesses and individuals who select and install their own systems with the assistance of local tradesmen and engineers.

Series T · ultrafine pixel display · 1.26 millimeter
Series T · ultrafine pixel display · 1.26 millimeter

Desay Series T

The Series T was introduced by Desay in 2016 and builds on the success of our Series E panels which offered ultrafine-pixel resolution in a stage rental or permanent installation.

The dimensions of 609 * 342.56 millimeters create a perfect 16:9 aspect ratio with a single unit, and again with just 4 panels.

The Series T is serviced from the front of the display by removing one or both of the two modules that fill out a single panel. This feature allows for permanent installations to be mounted tightly to walls, requiring extra space only for adequate thermal ventilation and not for technicians.

Pixel density starts at 155,245 and increases incrementally to more than ten times that number at 1,590,207 pixels per square meter across 6 models. Refresh rates are of course 3840 Hz and Neutrik power cables and data connectors join the panels together. .

Install the Series T to a wall using the 4 corner anchors and a frame or assemble the panels using hanging bars or floor supports. Our technicians will provide mechanical drawings to create a steel frame locally or one can be built and shipped with your order.

Media is handled by any of our NovaStar controllers. If a network of displays is being installed, your content can be centrally administered through a NovaStar VNNOX cloud publishing account.

The Series T is receiving an international design award in March that recognizes its functional excellence.

Our Manufacturers

Desay is a state-owned manufacturing company established in 1983 and diversified in the fields of automotive electronics, advanced batteries, industrial automation, microelectronics and since 2001, a leader in optoelectronic LED production.

Desay's optoelectronic division has quietly emerged as an industry leader ranked #1 in Asia and #3 worldwide for the past decade with annual sales exceeding 10,000 panels and cabinets.

The company owns 3 industrial zones with a total area over one and half million square meters. Huizhou is home to the Desay factory and offices with additional offices in Shenzhen.

Desay enjoys a well-earned reputation defined by producing some of the highest-quality LED displays in the world.

Our Customers

For 18 years we have developed business relationships with thousands of people from every corner of the world.

Many are audio visual professionals and consultants who need to source premium equipment for their clients. Others are architects and designers looking for solutions to create LED walls or interactive floors. And some are end-users prepared to take on the challenge of setting up their own digital displays.

In each case, we provide our customers with the answers they need and endeavor to offer solutions that are affordable, effective and reliable.

And we always keep their secrets to ourselves.

Pricing · Desay Indoor LED

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Series E
Desay E1.25 $22894  
Desay E1.50 $14069  
Desay E1.87 $10118  
Desay E2.50 $6008    (4)
Desay E3.0 $4298  
Desay E3.75 $3533  
Desay E4.00 $3452  
Factory BuildInventory
Series T
Desay T0.95 $40071  
Desay T1.26 $19197  
Desay T1.58 $12106  
Desay T1.90 $8453  
Desay T2.53 $5966  
Factory BuildInventory

Desay 2-Year Factory Warranty

Series G
Desay G3.3/6.6 $0000  
Desay G5.20 $4564  
Desay G7.81 $3425  
Desay G10.40 $2931  
Factory BuildInventory
Series X
Desay X1.90 $8791  
Desay X2.60 $5789  
Desay X2.98 $4809  
Desay X3.90 $3580  
Factory BuildInventory

NovaStar Nova VNNOX

Series P
Desay P4.44 $3283  
Desay P4.00 $2816  
Desay P5.00 $2857  
Desay P6.00 $2559  
Factory BuildInventory
NovaStar Receiving Card $75  1 - 2
NovaStar Controller $270  ~ $4500
NovaStar Media Player $260  ~ $470
NovaStar Card $50  ~ $185
NovaStar Sensor $85  ~ $120
NovaStar Converter $170  ~ $2500
Desay Magnetic Tool $450
Desay Custom Frame $400  
Desay Flight Case $500  6 - 8
Desay Packaging $75  
Factory BuildInventory

NovaStar NovaiCare

Telematics Canada is as proud of our fair pricing as we are of our brilliant technology, which is why we don't hesitate to clearly list both in plain view for our visitors to review and compare to our competition. We respect the value of your time by not wasting days of it just so you can get a ballpark quote for your project. Which is great news for our new clients. For the analog guys still playing in the old school sandbox...not so much.


Don't drive yourself crazy trying to figure out the right series and the correct specifications and dimensions for your project. Just contact our offices and in ten minutes we can review everything and find out what works best for the space and the budget. There...I'm feeling better already.


If you are like everyone else, you will leave this part to the last possible moment. Then we will share in your stress and jump through every imaginable hoop to meet your evolving schedule. But first we will need a fifty percent deposit to have the factory build your order and prepare it for shipping.


We can ship your order by air or ground as your budget and time allows. Shipping and Customs schedules can be estimated, but are external variables that are outside of our control. Allow plenty of time for unexpected delays. You would not believe how many National Holidays are observed in China. Seriously.


Your installation will include a PC for content and a NovaStar controller to direct that content to the display. There will be power and data cables to hook everything up and a frame or support beams to mount your display. If you need assistance with this, Telematics can often suggest a local partner.


Desay and NovaStar provide their full technical expertise to assist Telematics with any issues where we have requested their assistance. Most problems are diagnosed and resolved using remote access software, Skype and webcams or a simple exchange of emails and phone calls.


Desay supports their products with a comprehensive 2-year factory warranty that provides for the repair or replacement of any failed components without charge and may be extended to 5 years for a surcharge. Orders are shipped with a small selection of replacement components.

Contact · Telematics Canada

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365 days
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